Message From The President

 New Jersey ACEP is the voice of emergency physicians throughout the state.  We work in a variety of settings---urban, suburban and rural; academic and community; public and private.  But we all face many of the same issues---scarce resources, overcrowding, lack of reimbursement, workplace violence and hazards, ethnic and gender disparities.  And now, we serve as the frontline providers in the face of a worldwide pandemic.

We provide the safety net for our communities---24, 7, 365. We are the provider of first and last resort for many of our patients.  We are the glue that holds the US healthcare system together.

If you are an emergency physician, NJ ACEP is your organization.  We will advocate and fight for adequate resources to provide quality care, and for common-sense public policy to back that up.  We welcome your participation and support in furthering these goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email; attend one of our quarterly meetings, our Scientific Assembly in September or our Membership Dinner in May; or stop by our reception at ACEP Scientific Assembly in October.

Our meetings and events will all be virtual, at least through the end of 2020.  You can find the details for all of our events by clicking on the “Meetings & Events” tab on our homepage.

I look forward to hearing from you. And be safe!

 -Steven Hochman, MD, FACEP 2020-2021 President

Officers: 2020-2021


Steven Hochman, MD, FACEP 


Jenice Baker, MD, FACEP


Patrick Hinfey, MD, FACEP


      Michael Ruzek, DO, FACEP

Immediate Past President:

Thomas A. Brabson, DO, MBA, FACOEP, FACEP

Executive Director: 

Lauren Myers

News Staff

Contact the news staff at:

201 E. Main St. Suite 1405
Lexington, KY 40507

phone (609) 207-7370 
email: [email protected] 

About NJ-ACEP - Who We Are

NJ-ACEP is a chartered chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians whose purpose is to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interests of emergency physicians.

Board of Directors

Board Members

Navin Ariyaprakai, MD, EMT-P, FAEMS, FACEP

Tanisha Arora, MD

David C. Castillo, DO, FACEP

Gregory Corcoran, MD

Joe E. Dib, MD, FACEP

Shelley Greenman, MD, FACEP

Marianna Karounos, DO, MS, FACEP

Margie Langer, MD, FACEP

Jessica Maye, DO, FACEP

Valerie G. McLaughlin, MD

Amy Ondeyka, MD, FACEP

Nilesh Patel, DO, FACOEP, FAAEM

Marco Propersi, DO

Renee Riggs-Fiesseler, DO, FACEP 

Svetlana Zakharchenko, DO



Victor Almeida, DO, FACEP

Jenice Baker, MD, FACEP

Thomas Brabson, DO, MBA, FACOEP, FACEP

William B. Felegi, DO, FACEP

Shelley Greenman, MD, FACEP

Steven Hochman, MD, FACEP

Marjory Langer, MD, FACEP

Jessica Maye, DO

Amy Ondeyka, MD, FACEP

Nilesh Patel, DO, FACEP 

Alternate Councillors

Joseph Calabro, DO, FACEP

Dave Castillo, DO, FACEP

Gregory Corcoran, MD

Robert Eisenstein, MD, FACEP

Barnet Eskin, MD, FACEP

Patrick Hinfey, MD, FACEP

Marianna Karounos, DO, MS, FACEP

Dennis McGill, MD, FACEP

Mark Meredith, MD, FACEP

Michael Ruzek, DO, FACEP




Award Winners

Year Clinical
Beverly J. Lynch Distinguished
Service  (revised in 2015)         
EMS Educator
of the Year
2020 Milano   Shah  
2018   Rosenberg    
2017 Almeida Greenman Fidacaro  
2016   Adinaro Sugalski  
2015 Jeges Lynch Carroll  
2014 Patel Schwab    
2013   Almeida Pruden  
2012 El-Kharboutly      
2011 Adinaro Sacchetti Sweeney  
2010   Gerardi Hong  
2009 Utkewicz Felegi Wang  
2008 Jayanathan   Vetrano  
2007 Garcia Grunau Stuhmiller Mankowitz
2006 Dib Brennan Walsh Gluckman
2005 Dalsey Harris Merlin Friedland
2004 Ravindran Sweeney DesRochers Hanlon
2003 McCabe George Nevins Borenstein
2002 Indruk Sawchuk Pruden Almeida
2001 Itzcotvitz Meredith Waxler Lebowitz
2000 McEnrue Alteveer Waxler Espinosa


Year Good Government Resident of the Year Medical Student of the Year Academic Achievement
2020   Rimm Levin Patel, Sundip
2019   Durrani Berenson Swaminathan
2018   Traficante Weinick Sule
2017   Pescatore Shukla Feldman
2016   Jeong Satty Patel
2015 Rosenberg Bucher Chen Jones
2014 Adinaro Spiegel Pescatore Murano
2013 Greenman Henry Mirau Scott
2012   Sexton Morrissey Lamba
2011   Davis Meigh Baumann
2010 McGill Roberts Cummins Chansky
2009 Hartmann Porter Van Pelt Allegra
2008   Gill Tapia Hinfey
2007 Bonanno Cocuzza None  
2006 Calabro Dohrenwend Boutsikaris  
2005 Dohrenwend Riggs Rosh  
2004 Brennan Campanella Rosania  
2003 Felegi Kashani Reiter  
2002 Gerardi McClister N/A  
2001 Harris Fiesseler Gonzalez  
2000 Sacchetti Laird Gerhardt